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Christa & Robert custom letterpress wedding invitation

This was an incredibly fun wedding invitation to work on and our first pocketfold invitation…ever! Pocketfolds seemed to be all the rage a few years ago but oddly enough this is the first time a client approached us for a custom invitation to be contained in a pocketfold. Christa and Robert decided that a modified version of our Scrolling Vine invitation would suit their Niagara-on-the-Lake wedding just fine, printed in gold and black inks. We also designed and printed a reply card, event timeline, map and gift enclosure card. 

The whole package was finally wrapped together in a custom printed letterpress band. 

Printed on Crane Lettra Ecru, 300 gsm. 

Various drawings

 Joel and I like to get out once in a while to do some plein air drawing (translation: drawing outdoors). This summer has been good for that so far because we’re finding lots of things we want to draw in the Westport area. Below are a few of my (Chantal) drawings.

Stewart Park in Perth, ON, one of the most beautiful parks I've ever seen with mature willow trees and a creek running through it.
Westport is a hotspot for boats in the summer. This is a funny little "gas station" at the Westport marina.


Joel and I are also fortunate to have been able to join a lifedrawing session here in Westport. After teaching lifedrawing for 5 semesters at Cambrian College in Sudbury, it’s nice to be able to concentrate on doing your own thing rather than teaching others how to do it (although I did enjoy that, Students, don’t worry!). Teaching lifedrawing definitely helped me with my own lifedrawing skills; I guess if you drill it enough in others you listen to your own advice!

Lifedrawing, approx. 2 hrs.
Lifedrawing, 25 minutes.


This last one is the last watercolour painting I’ve done, and it’s mighty ambitious if I do say so myself. The reference for this is a photo of a piece of ice in Iceland (har har) taken by my mother a few years ago. The challenge was making the ice look translucent but also incorporating all the  interesting colours in the ice. I’m not aiming for high realism and like everything I do, it has a graphic element to it. I am quite happy with the result. 

Watercolour & blue ink. 7x10"

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