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First workshop…not to be the last!

Papillon Press hosted its first ever letterpress workshop this past Saturday and it went great! The ladies were introduced to typesetting and to Claudette, our CP & Co. New Style letterpress. They all did very well and ran their jobs through the press like printers-in-the-making.

They were also more ambitious in their typesetting than we expected them to be. Anyone who has ever set lead type by hand knows how time-consuming it can be, but these girls were not daunted and even mixed wood type with metal type.

Trying to decide which type to use out of our over 100 typecases.
Katie and Kristina ended up using the same typefaces, wood type and "typewriter" type
Chantalle (not the blogger!) with Claudette (the press).
Katie running her job on the press
Kristina "Mita" running Claudette.
Chantalle printed her Christmas greetings early using "Fancy type"
Kristina mixed wood type with "typewriter" type and used two ornamental brackets.
Katie printed a gift for her boyfriend in the same distressed wood type as Kristina, using an ornament AND a decorative rule. Printed in lovely silver ink.

Thank you to Katie, Kristina and Chantalle for a great workshop and for being easy to teach!

If you are interested in participating in a forthcoming introductory letterpress workshop, email us at contact@papillonletterpress.com


We just acquired a new piece of heavy-duty equipment here, and I’m (Chantal) soooo excited.

Say hello to our Bad-Ass Guillotine!

27.5 inches of cutting length, baby.
This blade will take out your entire wrist, never mind your finger. "Do not operate without guard", indeed!
To keep the children away. As if the blade isn't scary enough.

Papillon Press at the Spring Wedding Show 2010

At the fabulous Drake Hotel in downtown Toronto
We keep saying our bridal season is over…but there are always more great events to be part of!

This one in particular is put on by the Wedding Co., the same great organizers who put on The Wedding Show we were at in January.

If you are after that perfect touch to infuse your wedding with something unconventional, chic or edgy, plan to attend The Spring Wedding Show where 40 of Toronto’s local artisans and finest wedding businesses will be showcasing their talents.

When: May 1st, 2010 10am-4pm
Where: The Drake Hotel, 1050 Queen Street West, Toronto
How much: $10 per ticket
Did we mention that anyone who stops by our table gets 15% off their wedding invitation order?*

*excludes DIY printing service*

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