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Wed By Hand – Ottawa, ON

Just when we thought wedding show season was over, we discovered a new wedding show in Ottawa that we just had to be part of: Wed By Hand, Ottawa’s first and only indie wedding show.

When: Saturday, Feb. 27th, 2010, 10am-3pm

Where: The Courtyard by Marriot, 350 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa, ON

See you there!

Heavy Metal Baby Announcement

Here is a baby announcement that captures the personality of the parents and the playfulness of the child. Both parents are lovers of heavy metal and rock music. The father himself is an extremely talented drummer.

This announcement was commissioned by the grandmother of the newborn and music was the overall idea in mind when we went to work on sketches for her. We thought it would really add to the  piece to use the baby’s birth information and design it like a concert poster.

Baby Announcement Sketches

Once we had approval on one of the sketches we went ahead and illustrated it as a final black and white drawing, made some plates and printed the job. This was a lot of fun to work and both the parents and the grandparents were very happy.


From the Inspiration file – Jane Austen’s Emma

You may have guessed that I (Chantal) am the one who makes most of these inspiration file posts! I’m a lover of all things Regency, hence I love Jane Austen. I’ve read most of the books and I love a good Jane Austen movie/tv adaption.

I finished the last part of the most recent Masterpiece Theater version of Emma last night and thought it was great. Much better than the last adaptation I saw starring Gwyneth Paltrow *cough*horrible actress*cough*…ugh, let’s not talk about it. Anyway, Romola Garai played Emma in this one and Jonny Lee Miller played Mister Knightley and they were both fantastic.

Is there anything better than a period piece in high def? I THINK NOT. I wish I could re-watch Vanity Fair in HD.

Here is a bit of eye-candy.

Why invitations are an important part of your wedding

A common scenario:

You’re six months away from your summer wedding and you’ve spent the better part of a year planning it. You’ve been running around booking venues, photographers, florists, dressmakers, etc. Now you only have six months to go and you suddenly realize that you have to send your invitations soon! But your budget has already gone by the wayside,  so as much as you’d love to have pretty custom invitations, you opt to buy the ready-made packs you see at the store which you can print out on your inkjet at home.  There is just no time, and no money for fancy invitations! They were not a priority in your budget to begin with.

This is a scenario we hear all too often from brides-to-be.  And we’re here to argue why it’s all wrong.

What is the goal of a wedding? The main one, obviously, is to unite a couple in matrimony. But isn’t it also the job of a wedding to celebrate this union? And by celebrating, you mean for your guests to have a great time, right?  As a planner of your wedding, you’ve spent most of your time planning your dress, your flowers, your colours, your photos, your reception, etc. which are of course important, but none of these matter if your guests aren’t around to see them. And what gets your guests out to your wedding? Your invitations!

Sometimes I feel like invitations are like the nerdy-kid-sat-at-the-back-of-class part of wedding planning; often neglected or treated as an afterthought. All too often, people have spent most of their budget and opt to cut on the invitations. Our argument is that invitations should be a priority in your budget because they are what brings your guests to your wedding.

Your wedding invitations are your first impression.

Let’s face it, ready-made, print-on-your-inkjet invitations are cheap and convenient. But the problem is that everyone around you knows that too. Is that the first impression you want to give to your guests? That you’ve taken the cheap and convenient route in your wedding planning? It might be, and that’s fine. But at least make it a conscious decision.

We’re not saying that you should spend a fortune on invitations if you can’t afford it, but we’d at least like you to give it some thought. It hurts me to hear people say that they want to cut corners on invitations. You might not think your guests will notice, but I assure you they will! Would you rather spend $800 on flowers that will wilt in 3 days, or on invitations that your guests will keep for a lifetime?

Another reason to give some thought to your invitations is that they give your guests an idea of what your event will be like. Will it be formal or informal? What’s the overall look? Will it be an outdoor wedding, a themed wedding, a grand expensive affair? It informs your guests ahead of time of what they can expect.

We’re not advocating going out to spend a giant portion of your budget on invitations, but we do advocate giving it some thought. Don’t get caught at the end of your wedding planning with no idea what to do for your invitations, or worse yet, have to settle for something off the shelf because you don’t have the time to order anything else!

That being said, we sell mighty fine invitations here at Papillon Press 😉

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