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Top 5 favourite vintage items

We’re big fans at Papillon Press of all things vintage and antique (as if you couldn’t tell from our design style) so naturally we like to collect old things. Yes, we are those types of people who find The Antiques Roadshow actually interesting! Here are our top five vintage things to collect or covet:

1. Soda pop bottles – we started collecting these for a theme table at our wedding last year…now we’re hooked! We especially like the coloured bottles.

A vintage green soda bottle from our wedding decor

2. Tin toys –  these fall into the category of “coveting” since they can be very expensive. Chantal remembers playing with several of these tin toys at her grandmother’s house. They all mysteriously disappeared  (as did several awesome antiques) once her grandmother moved into an old folks home and her house was rented and were probably donated to a very lucky thrift store. She’s still kicking herself!

We'd like to own a few tin toys

3. Cigar boxes – Joel went through a cigar box phase a while ago because he had recently come back from a backpacking trip to Cuba and was fascinated by Cuban culture. He started collecting old boxes and tins and used them in one of his illustration promos.

Old cigar boxes and tins customized by Joel for one of his early illustration promos

4. Clothing & jewellery – Chantal has been thrift store hunting since 1997, soon after discovering the coolness of her parent’s 70s castoffs in a closet somewhere. Since then, she has amassed a somewhat unreasonable amount of vintage clothing and jewellery. We hardly have the closet space, but that never seems to deter her.

A few vintage dresses from Chantal's closet
A few of Chantal's vintage necklaces

5. Old stoves – definitely in the “covet” category. After having watched a tv show about antique stoves several years ago, Chantal has been coveting one of these bad boys below. Of course, they are totally impractical by modern standards but we love all the different compartments. We love retro stoves! And also cast iron wood stoves.

Gas stove circa 1920s. Love those colours!

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