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Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Sending Envelopes

DO use coloured envelopes! People love a change from the everyday white envelope (which usually contain bills!)

DON’T forget to print your return address – without a return address the postal service cannot return the envelope to you if a)you are lacking postage on the envelope of b) if you have made a mistake with the sender’s address. You may as well kiss it goodbye!

DO have your stationer design your envelope! An interesting graphic or fancy typography makes the envelope part of the whole package instead of an afterthought. Your guests will save them along with the contents of the envelopes.

DON’T misspell your guests’ names – nothing displays a lack of attention to detail like misspelling your guests’ names, especially when sending a formal invitation like a wedding invitation. If you are inviting them to your wedding, you are probably friends with them on Facebook, so take a moment and look it up.

DO hire a calligrapher! In this day of electronic correspondence, most of our handwriting has degenerated into an illegible scrawl due to lack of use, so hire an expert* and ensure your envelope is as pretty as the rest of your invitation.

photo courtesy of www.barbarakua.com

DON’T print the addresses on your home inkjet. Unless you have a professional-quality inkjet printer, the ink will most likely smear in the post or end up looking spotty during printing. For that matter, don’t print any stationery on your inkjet printer unless it’s of professional quality. If you really must to do it yourself, enlist the help of friends or family with a higher quality printer to do it for you.

DO use interesting stamps! The post office is always selling pretty limited edition stamps, or better yet, use vintage stamps**! The postage remains the same no matter how old the stamp is, so why not go all the way and make the entire envelope extra gorgeous?

photo courtesy of sendmoremail.blogspot.com

DON’T use incorrect postage. We know Canada Post can be especially greedy when it comes to the weight of an envelope and they will grab any chance they can get to return your invitation with a lovely “insufficient postage” sticker right smack in the middle of your beautiful envelope. So make sure to weigh the complete package before sending it! They can weigh it for you at the post office, or use a small scale. It will be worth trouble, trust us.

DO use an envelope liner! Envelope liners add another fun dimension to your envelope and will surprise your guests when they open the envelope and give them yet another reason to keep the envelope along with the contents inside it.

DON’T skimp on ordering envelopes. If you are addressing them yourself, many a mistake will be made. Always make sure to order 10% more envelopes than the rest of your invitations order. Most good stationers will include this in the price of your order, so make sure to ask.

And lastly (okay that makes six dos) DO use wax seals***! These are so much fun and really put the finishing touch on your invitation package. With the option of designing your own custom seal, there is no end to the possibilities!

Wax seal courtesy of waxseals.com, custom invitation by Papillon Press

*Barbara Cua, calligrapher, www.barbarakua.com
**Send More Mail, sendmoremail.blogspot.com
***Wax Seals, waxseals.com

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