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Printing photos in letterpress

We receive quite a few requests to have photos printed on our letterpress. Oftentimes people want their photos featured on cards without having to insert a photo into a frame card.

Most letterpress printers do not offer digital printing services (including us) therefore we won’t print a full-colour photo on a letterpress-printed card. However we do offer an option: convert the photo to a halftone.

Converting to a halftone simply means converting the image to a series of tiny dots, which we can then incorporate into the artwork for the rest of your card and print it all on our letterpress.

Here is a quick example of a digital photo of  Joel and Chantal* converted to a halftone (85 lpi):

Original photo
Photo converted to a halftone at 85 lpi
Halftone image with a colour overlay

So while we don’t offer digital printing, we can still incorporate photos on a letterpress card in a way that doesn’t compromise the aesthetic of the card.

And for something completely different,  Joel and Chantal can illustrate your portraits using your photo as reference.


*Joel is very photogenic while Chantal always makes stupid face in photos

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2 thoughts on “Printing photos in letterpress”

  1. Very impressive demonstration of the technique involved in transferring a photo to half tone.
    And the photo you chose to use as a demonstration is perfect.
    Your photo demonstrates your outstanding capabilities, without changing any part of the original.

    I personally enjoyed reading and learning about your newest use of your “magical” letterpress, and your demonstration photo brought a smile, maybe even a giggle. Which is very good therapy.

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