From the Inspiration file – The Golden Book

Joel and I are huge fans of vintage book and magazine design, specifically from the turn of the century or the early twentieth century. That time period was considered a golden age for illustrators and you could make a very nice living doing it back then (unlike now). At the turn of the century, N.C Wyeth made the same amount per book cover as illustrators do now! But before I digress into one of my favourite rants, let me talk about the main reason for this post.

I came across these covers for The Golden Book, a 1920s & 30s magazine that published short fiction, through a Livejournal community. There is precious little information about this publication on the web, except that it ran short stories that were mostly reprints from classic stories (H.G Wells, Victor Hugo, etc.).

But the covers! I love the covers. The core of the cover design remains the same (the golden circle and the title) but every cover artist found a different way of dressing up the core elements. The colours and illustrations are really beautiful.

Here is a selection of my favourites, and for a more comprehensive archive, visit the Galactic Central website.

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