From the Inspiration file – Jane Austen’s Emma

You may have guessed that I (Chantal) am the one who makes most of these inspiration file posts! I’m a lover of all things Regency, hence I love Jane Austen. I’ve read most of the books and I love a good Jane Austen movie/tv adaption.

I finished the last part of the most recent Masterpiece Theater version of Emma last night and thought it was great. Much better than the last adaptation I saw starring Gwyneth Paltrow *cough*horrible actress*cough*…ugh, let’s not talk about it. Anyway, Romola Garai played Emma in this one and Jonny Lee Miller played Mister Knightley and they were both fantastic.

Is there anything better than a period piece in high def? I THINK NOT. I wish I could re-watch Vanity Fair in HD.

Here is a bit of eye-candy.

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