Chantal’s Top 5 songs to print to

Music is crucial to us when letterpress printing, since it can become a bit repetitive sometimes (especially when printing 1000 business cards) and listening to music helps pass the time. We really have to crank the volume to cover the sound of the press and other machinery, so we’re basically deaf to the outside world and have to communicate with each other through walkie talkies! It’s worth it, though, to be enveloped in our own little letterpress bubble 😉

Here are Chantal’s current favourite songs to print to:

1. Paperbag Writer – Radiohead

2. I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman – K-OS

3. Follow UsBig Boi

4. Everything in its Right Place Radiohead

5. Dare Gorillaz

What are your Top 5 songs to work to?

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  • Heather Frize

    Hyperballad- Bjork
    Kiss with a Fist- Florence and the Machine
    So Ambitious- Jay Z and Pharell
    Rolling in the Deep- Adele
    Ready to Start- Arcade Fire

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