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Clearing out


Shop the clearance sale
Shop the clearance sale

In April last year, I wrote that Papillon Press was on hiatus while I explored another direction with my career. For the last 8 months I’ve switched gears and have dived into freelance illustration. I ended the year on a positive note and am encouraged to persevere with freelance illustration as my new career choice in 2017. I had fun with Papillon Press while it lasted, but I’m no longer interested in¬†continuing in the stationery industry. There are many factors involved in this decision and, while I may feel like ranting about it, I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say that I am thrilled to no longer have to attend god-forsaken industry trade shows ūüėČ

I’ve decided to close down Papillon Press and clear out my remaining inventory at low, low discounted prices…up to 75% off everything! It pains me to do it, knowing how much work goes into one single letterpress card, but there it is. Help me clear out space in my studio and replenish your card stashes for the coming year at the same time!

Joel and I again want to thank those of you who supported us over the years by buying our products, coming to see us at craft fairs…and even just laying down $6 for one single card. You know who you are! Happy 2017!

P.S. I’m keeping my equipment for personal use, so I won’t be selling any right now.

Upcoming 2016 Holiday Craft Shows

‘Tis the season for holiday craft shows! Joel and I are looking forward to selling at 3 local ones this year:


Sunday, November 27th – 10am-5pm St. Anthony’s Banquet Hall, Ottawa, ON

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Fall 2016 Letterpress workshop



workshop_fall2016_blogSummer has come and gone; it’s time to buckle down and get busy with a¬†fall¬†letterpress workshop. If you’re in the Ottawa valley or in nearby Ottawa or Kingston, come out for a day and learn how to set type the old fashion way and print your own personalised note cards.


**Rescheduled to Saturday, October 15– 10 to 5

Cost: $150 per participant

Here’s what is included

-all supplies (including paper)
-learning about setting type the old-fashioned way and setting your own
-access to our 110 cases of type (possibly the most type in Ontario aside from Upper Canada Village) and our vintage cuts (etched graphics).
-a chance to use our 60-year-old letterpress to print your own note cards
– You will be walking way with at least 50 A2 (4×5.25″) ¬†flat letterpress note cards, ¬†a value of $100.
– the knowledge that you handcrafted a stack of your own letterpress stationery (priceless) ūüôā

Day of workshop schedule

10am-11am¬†The first hour of the workshop is spent discussing the history of letterpress printing, basic typography, types of papers and each participant’s project over coffee and Chantal’s homemade muffins. Each participant is given a handout for their own personal reference that they can keep

11am-noon The rest of the morning is devoted to learning how to compose type in a composing stick, choosing from over 110 cases of type including lead type and wood type and from our dozens of cuts (pictorial etchings mounted on wood).

noon-1pm Break for lunch. Westport has several nice cafés that serve tasty lunches.

1pm-3pm– Work on composing your type, then learn how to mount the type in the chase using furniture, leading & slugs. Each participant will proof their project on our proofing press to ensure there are no errors before printing on the big press.

3pm-5pm¬†Each participant will learn how to mount the chase containing their type on our floor model 10×15 Chandler & Price letterpress and take their turn printing 50 pieces of their own project on a variety of paper stocks.

If you have a special project you would like to print, please discuss it with us first and we will try to accommodate you. The price may vary depending on the project.

How do I sign up? 

You can reserve your spot right away by buying the workshop listing on our website:


 Workshops take place in our studio at 26 Spring Street in Westport, ON.


On hiatus

Joel and I founded Papillon Press in 2009. I impulsively bought a letterpress and shop equipment on Kijiji and moved it to our first home and studio in Sudbury, ON. We started with wedding invitations and eventually expanded to selling our greeting cards wholesale. We went to the National Stationery Show 3 times. We’re even up for a Louie award this year! We built the company from the ground up, and so it is with mixed emotions that I am announcing that I am¬†putting Papillon Press on hiatus for the foreseeable future.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

-I would like to pursue another career path

-I have taken Papillon Press as far as I can with what I have. To bring it to the next level would have required more time, more money and exponentially more effort; something which I am not prepared to do at this time.

-We have invested a lot of money in the company and sadly just aren’t seeing the returns. It’s difficult to make a living selling letterpress paper goods.

What this means for you, the customer: it means we are phasing out the wholesale portion of our business, as well as the wedding invitations and custom letterpress printing service. Our online store and Etsy shop will remain open; we will even introduce new cards during the next year. We will also continue doing craft fairs. We are strictly retail now, so you can still buy our cards! 

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last 7 years. I’ve worked my ass off and learned so much! I want to thank our loyal customers; every person who has bought their wedding invitations from us, or had something printed with us (the clients who didn’t whine, that is) or even those who have bought one single card has helped to keep us¬†going. You know who you are!

Now, on to new things. Sincerely,


Beware of

I am not one to share my grievances publicly, but my hope is that when someone is contemplating using the website they will come across this post and think twice.

At Papillon Press we sell our greeting cards wholesale to stores across North America and internationally. I wanted to introduce a couple cards with gold foil accents this year so I sent two greeting card files to I asked them up front if the cards would be printed in Toronto, because they seemed kind of shady and I did not want the printing outsourced to another country. It’s our company mandate that all our goods be made in Canada; it says so on the back of all our cards. The sales person, Steve, wrote back in an email: “Yes we print within Canada”. He¬†also confirmed this on the phone when I spoke to him.

My second up front question to them was: could they print on a particular paper stock which all our offset greeting cards are printed on (Cougar Cover Smooth Natural White 100 lbs) and they replied “Yes we can print on 100 lb paper”.

Fairly satisfied but still apprehensively, I sent the files off to be printed. After a couple weeks DHL calls me up and tells me we have to pay $18 in brokerage fees ¬†because we’re¬†told that “printing materials” are¬†being sent to us from Pakistan. Having no idea what this package could be, I start to get a sinking feeling that they are the greeting cards I ordered from Lo and behold, those “printing materials” are the greeting cards. Not only that, but¬†they were not printed on the specific paper I requested (wrong shade of white and gloss coating on the inside of the card). Both these facts were a direct contradiction of what Steve had written and said on the phone.

I first tried calling Steve 3 times, no answer or voicemail. I emailed Steve with my complaints and asked for a full refund because we had been deceived about the origin of the cards, and they printed on the wrong paper stock. He fired back an email that said he had never guaranteed any of the above things (I had even attached the emails he had sent as proof, but he still denied it) and refused to give a full refund. He said that he had never guaranteed to print on Cougar paper, just 100 lbs paper. He also said that he had never said the cards would be printed in Canada and that it clearly states on that the printing is outsourced (I can’t find that info anywhere on the website).

Here’s the best part though; he then¬†called me a racist for having a problem with the cards being printed in Pakistan and not in Canada:

Regarding racism, Yes your statement is defiantly racist. Because you are concerned with countries not your printing, whereas we clearly state on our website as we do outsource work overseas to give best prices to customers as well as this is not to be informed to customer as our responsibility is to supply them with correct printing.

There defiantly is no refund as product is right.

I love how he “defiantly” refuses to give a refund or basically do anything to accommodate my dissatisfaction.

I wrote back saying this was extremely poor customer service and that he had deliberately deceived me. He wrote back reiterating that I am racist and again denied any of the above claims, despite having emails as proof.

Let me be clear that I never would have ordered from this company if they hadn’t assured me on the two aforementioned points. ¬†There is absolutely no way I would have been fine with the printing being done in Pakistan…or on the wrong paper stock. We’re talking about over $700 in goods here that are completely useless to me.

The next thing to do was to file a dispute¬†with Paypal, send a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and write this blog post. OR K¬†& Z Services Pty Ltd OR ¬† or whatever they’re called again refuse to give me a refund through Paypal. The dispute is then escalated to a claim and Paypal looks into it, doesn’t bother contacting me for any supporting documents (remember I have proof in the form of emails of the lies Steve told) and finds in favour of

I am now filing a complaint against Paypal for not giving me the chance to show supporting documents or explain over the phone (they had afforded this chance to Steve, apparently). As it stands right now, I am over $700 out of pocket because of being lied to¬†by a shady printing company. The battle continues and I can’t tell you how frustrating this whole process has been. Not only was I blatantly lied to, but then subjected to the absolute worse customer service on the planet. Consider this a bad review. What should have been an obvious resolution to Paypal is now leading me into another battle with them. Ugh.

I hope this blog post will help potential customers of steer away from their shady company. I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to go through this. Beware of companies that claim to be Canadian but drop ship their goods from somewhere else.

Update Paypal is telling me their Purchase Protection does not cover custom made items or customized items and service which is why they decided in favour of, because the cards are custom-printed. Make a note to yourselves; that’s a huge range of items that Paypal will not help you out with if something goes wrong.

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