Back in the Studio – sketches from Maine

Joel and I are back from our honeymoon/road trip through Maine. It was a great trip, despite some areas being literally clogged with tourists (what is it about beaches that make people lose their minds?). We went on a Wyeth pilgrimage, saw illustrations in person that blew us away and had a chance to visit Christina Olson’s house, which was a definite highlight of the trip.

We also had the chance to sit down a few times for some sketching:

Joel's - in Kennebunkport
Chantal's - in Kennebunkport
Joel's - Olson House in Cushing, Maine
Chantal's - Olson house in Cushing, Maine
Joel's - in Rockland
Chantal's - in Rockland
Joel's - in Stonington
Chantal's - in Stonington

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